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Stop with the FROZEN! by Patrick Barnes

If you’ve seen majority of videos on my main channel and even like 3 or 4 videos on my second channel and 3 or 4 on sovlogaboutit, I’d say you know my personality pretty dang well and would not be surprised at all if you met me irl. I understand that not everyone gets to see second channel or svai videos, but even certain videos on my main channel show that I’m not excited and animated all the time… lbr I’m v sarcastic and occasionally pessimistic. I’m not animated in erry video like people who watch me should have an understanding of that jeepers.





Listen I honestly don’t care if you’re a YouTuber that “fakes it for the camera”, but no- to say ALL of us put forward a different or heightened version of ourselves is very much a blanket statement that I disagree with.

It’s probably wrong to say that everyone puts…

Of course I’d never say that viewers KNOW me, but I’ve put forward a lot of different content that is all me 100%. I feel like if a person met me they wouldn’t be shocked at how different I am because I’m not. That’s genuinely how I act. I wouldn’t want anyone trying to say they know me simply from my videos, because things that go on in my personal life are rarely, if ever, talked about. However they do have a good idea of my personality from my content.

You know, I used to think that I was just myself on camera too, but having gone to VidCon four times now and met people outside as well, I’ve started to realize that it’s not entirely true. I’m not putting on a show for the camera, but I guess I do come across a lot more energetic and outgoing in my videos than I really am. A lot of people are surprised at how much time I spend every day entirely alone, silent, just thinking about stuff. They see me in person and are surprised that I’m not usually the first one to speak and when I do speak (unless I’m incredibly comfortable with you) it will be pretty short (those of you I’m comfortable with probably have the opposite experience sssorrrryyyyy).

So yeah I get you - because you don’t really have a “character” you’ve created, you feel like you’re presenting more of yourself - but even having met you I wouldn’t say you’re the same on camera as off camera. 

No offense but I maybe said one sentence to you?????? I’m NOT saying that 24/7 I act like say my most recent video. I’m not saying that when/if I meet viewers I’m ALWAYS just as animated. (Though, to put it simply, I’m sure a lot of viewers and friends could attest that I am that way most of the time irl.) However I have made many different kinds of videos that give a very good overview of how I act in real life. If you’ve seen one or two videos of mine and they were my most excited/animated videos, still, generally my personality will not SHOCK you. I’m not presenting some girl and then it turns out I’m shy as heck or uncomfortable irl. I’m not presenting a character, whether our first “meeting” where you and I barely even “met” showed you otherwise.